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May 12

Westwood Residences

Westwood Ave EC Koh Brothers

For the first time in about 2 years, central London has seen British investors and property buyers Editovertake those from overseas areas during 2015’s first 3 months for Westwood Ave EC.

According to the most p to date data research by CBRE, investments by global property buyers have carried on quite strongly for office properties in the Central London area. For the 1st quarter of 2015 transactions were made worth £3.1 billion, a figure that is up from 2014’s 1st quarter £2.9 billion. However, this recent figure is down by about 55% for 2014’s last quarter where transactions were recorded at £6.8 billion for Westwood Ave EC Koh Brothers.

Westwood Avenue EC by Koh Brothers

Furthermore, there was higher activity in investments coming from UK investors in comparison to those from overseas, with the UK representing 51% of transaction values, whereas non-UK investors made up 49%. It is …