Jan 04

Botanique at Bartley

Brand new condominiums at Botanique at Bartley will be available for purchase in Singapore in 2018. The Botanique at Bartley is a complex that offers the potential owner, tenant or holiday maker total luxury all round. It will be close to all major amenities, such as a mass rail transport (MRT) station, shopping centers, malls, and situated on the edge of the city of Singapore.

Choosing to stay at Botanique will ensure that you enjoy your holiday in absolute luxury. Pictures of this wonderful development at Botanique at Bartley will show you just how beautiful this complex is going to be. The condominiums available are full of modern fixtures and furnishings. They are beautifully decorated with one, two and up to five bedroom condos available for purchase or to lease for a holiday or perhaps a more permanent basis.

Botanique at Bartley Condo by UOL

The on-site amenities for Botanique at Bartley include; a gymnasium, a yoga deck, playgrounds, a clubhouse and swimming pool. Singapore enjoys a very warm climate, and can be very hot in summer, so the pool will be perfect to cool off in after a long day. If you are planning a holiday in Singapore beyond 2018, then Botanique should be on your list of accommodation choices.

These wonderful condos are prime real estate that will suit all types of residents. Families who choose to purchase one of these condos in Botanique Bartley will love living here and property investors who are looking to buy into this complex and lease a condo can be confident that they will enjoy an excellent return on their initial investment. Real estate is probably the best, safest and most lucrative investment one can make. Most financial advisers would definitely advise their clients that Botanique at Bartley will be a wise and lucrative investment.

Amenties of Botanique at Bartley

Retired folk are also choosing to invest in a condos in Asian countries and some of these buyers of Botanique at Bartley would be smart to check out Botanique once they decide that they don’t want to work anymore. In-fact, Australians who move to an Eastern country where the exchange rate is sometimes eight times the value of one dollar. A pensioner can live quite comfortably in many Asian, African and European countries. One of the most popular destinations where retired Australians are heading is Singapore. In fact, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong are at Orchard Boulevard Condo the top of their lists. So if you plan to retire soon and you only have access to your pension and no assets besides your home, this could be a lucrative investment.

Investing in Botanique at Bartley

If you are looking for a property to invest in and you feel that a condo might be the way to go then Botanique at Bartley is really worth taking a look at. If you are an overseas investor from Australia or perhaps the United Kingdom, you might be able to finance your investment by taking out a loan against your home. Or if you wish to sell your home and move to Singapore just like many retired Australian citizens are doing, you will definitely make a profit after selling your Australian home and purchasing one of these beautiful condominiums. Obviously you would need to apply for permission to purchase the property or apply to be a resident of Singapore. How that works is not in the research done to write this article.

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